Saturday, July 08, 2006


The Job

If I have another day like today, I'll definitely quit. And let me tell you, I'm glad you asked.

There is no way I'll go back there if I have another day like today. I'll just quit. It was the worst day of my life. And I'll quit. I'll pack it in. Like they say: "It's time to pack it in." I never know what the hell that means, but I think it means quitting. But what the packing was all about I'll never know. But I'll definitely pack it in.

It didn't even start out good. Let me tell you it didn't start out good. As soon as I got there all the regulars were there. Why the hell they get up so early to come over here just to sign up for a lousy tee time, I'll never know. Don't they have a life. Don't they have something else to do? It's like I always say to Mary: "they don't have a life."

Now I get here early because I have to work. Well, I really don't have to work, but you know what I mean, I'm working and I have to work. I have a reason to be here early. If I didn't have to work, I sure as hell wouldn't be here at five in the morning just to get a lousy tee time. I'd have something else to do. I sure as hell would. I'd find something else to do. I wouldn't just hang around waiting for the damn pro shop to open so I could get a tee time.

Pete has the place ready to go before I get here. He gets here really early and sets the carts up for the day. I always see him when I get out of my car and head for the staging area.

Dumb asses I always think. Getting here so early. Don't they have anything else to do?

Just golf, that's all they want to do, just golf. I told Mary if it was me, "I'd get a hobby."

And she says maybe that is their hobby.

Don't you just hate people who have no where else to go but to the damn golf course. And sometimes I even hate the crew that works here. I think they're just a bunch of dumb yo-yos, too. And sometimes I tell them so. I tell them that we are all dumb asses to be working here. Why don't we just quit. Well I could quit, even though she says I need to get out of the house. But the other guys. Sometimes I think they're, well, you know. I don't really like most of them. Oh, a few of the guys are okay, but the rest. You can have them. You know it always seems to me that wherever I go, I run into a lot of AH's. And this place has its share. And they never fire anybody. You know, the damn government crap.

Its like I keep telling you about where I live. All the neighbors are a bunch of AH's. Just like here, the guys are just the same. And here they sometimes pull tricks on me.

Like they did at all the other places. They try to make me mad or something. Like the time they put a raw egg on the cart seat when they knew I would be moving it and I would sit on it and get my pants all messed up. You know, laying an egg. But I was lucky. I saw before I sat down. That's only one of the things they've tried.
But that was the best till today. There were other days almost as bad. But today took the cake. Today the tee sheet was full and there seemed to be more mistakes than usual and I had to keep moving bags around. And the other workers were on me about that. Sometimes I think Mary's right, I should just get a hobby.

But today it was just bad and the golfers were really bad and I had to tell some of them to go fly a kite. And so many of them are foreigners and you know what that means. They can't speak English and you have to try to get them to understand. I talk as slow as I can and wave my hands around and mostly they get the idea, but today there were just some who didn't catch on and I said to one of them to go to hell under my breath, but I think they understood. They went into the pro shop and said something. The pro came out and told me to try to be a little nicer to the customers.

But you know, you have to do what you have to do. And some days are just bad. Even Pete says that some days are just bad and especially now in the season.

But that's the job and you know you have to accept the crap you get. I just work for the fringe benefits, because the pay is lousy and it's only the benefits that are worth it. I always ask the other guys who work why do you work here. Why do you come here and work? There's no point to it if you don't take advantage of the benefits, I always say. But they don't seem to understand. Sometimes I think they're just like the golfers. They don't have a life either. The just come here because they're bored or something.

And they never fire anybody. If I was in charge, I'd fire most of the guys. I've even said that to some of them. I'd fire the whole damn bunch if I was in charge. They don't seen to know what to do about the workers who are just plain bad or lousy. I'd know what to do: I'd fire them.

But enough about me. I work because the benefits are good and I like the free golf. I've tried lots of other jobs, and I've quit a lot of other jobs, and for the same kind of crap, but this job seems the best for me.

I've quit other places because it was always so dumb. And the management was so dumb but mostly the other workers were, to tell the truth, not too bright.

I don't have to work. I could just sit around if I wanted to and do nothing. Even if she says that I should work because I'd just sit around and get fat anyway.

And like I said, today was the worst day ever. And I don't know how it happened. But I was using the wrong tee sheet. It was for last week, but it said Wednesday and hell I thought it was today's. Nobody knew how it happened, but it was very, let me tell you, it was very embarrassing. And the golfers thought I was crazy calling them by other names and I even argued with some of them about the tee time. And once I even got mad as hell and the pro and Pete had to come and help get it straightened out. But either the pro or Pete noticed the wrong date on the sheet and that explained it. It was sure a bad day for me before we found the problem. I almost quit right then and there. I told the pro I was about to quit. He must have agreed I was right because he didn't try to talk me out of it. I still can't figure that one out: how the wrong tee sheet got there, where I always pick it up. Sometimes I think I just have bad luck. I have a lot of days where things go wrong, like that. But there you have it. My day at the course. It was not a good day, but I'm glad you asked. Maybe I'll just get another hobby.

But if I have another day like today I'll definitely quit. I went in the office before I went home and told them that and they said they wouldn't blame me if I did. No questions asked I told them, I'll just quit. And like Mary says I'll find something else to do. I don't need to work.

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